The ladies may know a lot about shopping and shoes. They may own a couple of pumps, boots, stilettos, wedges, and more. nike cortez leather Most women know so much about ladies footwear, but they lack an idea of what kind of running shoes to buy. They might end up simply buying something pink, purple, or cute in design. Buying running shoes, however, requires more than looking at its appearance and design but finding real functionality, comfort, and support. If you don't want to experience muscle strain or have blisters on your dainty feet, getting the right pair of running shoes must be a priority. Here's a guide to help you out.

What Is It For?

Know what your shoes are for, where you will use it, and how often you will be using it. There are different types for various terrains. Choose the one that will suitable for gym use, running on pavement, hiking, or sports. You can check online to know the different types of footwear for various uses. You can also consult with an in-store representative for assistance.

nike cortez kids Have More Than One Pair

Running shoes are the first ones to go because they easily wear and tear with all the activities that you use them for. A reliable brand will be good for about 3-5 months of regular running exercises. You can note the day of first use on the inside tongue of your running shoes for reference. If you want to prolong the use of your shoes, try to use it strictly for running and not for casual trips around town or at the mall. You can use other types of shoes for such casual days. You can also have an extra pair to use alternately with the other so as not to overuse one pair so soon.

Shop at Night

It is a fact that a foot increases a bit in size in the evening. If you shop at night, you'll be buying a pair of shoes that will fit well. Allot half an inch allowance for your socks and bit of breathing space and room for toe and foot movement. This will avoid muscle strain and blisters when you're running for miles.

What Type of Runner Are You?

There are 4 types of runners - underpronators, neutral runners, moderate overpronators, and heavy pronators. This is based on how much your feet roll inwards in a gait cycle during running. In simpler terms, the neutral runners have less foot movement or pronation than moderate and heavy pronators. This means those with more foot movement need better support to prevent excessive pronation. You can check what type you fall under by dipping your feet into a pail of water and stepping on brown paper to see your footprint. nike shoes If you notice half of your arch on the paper, you are a neutral runner or normal pronator. A full footprint means a heavy pronator. A high arch is for underpronators, while an almost full footprint is a moderate to heavy pronator. From there, you can now ask a store representative for a suitable foot for your type.

It's basically easy to select your own pair of running shoes. You might just need to take a short while to figure out the few things mentioned above. It will be worth the trouble once you're experiencing better ease, comfort, and support with your new pair of running shoes.